BUENOS AIRES LA PROVINCIA was a multidisciplinary campaign that was launched by the province of Buenos Aires as a commemoration and celebration of the Bicentennial of the country. I designed the identity of the province, art directed ads for print and tv as well as designed the invitation to the main event, the stand and promotional items such as t-shirts, bags, rain gear and balloons. The word “grande” in Spanish means “big” it also expresses “greatness” in slag so we play with that phrase in all the communications for a consistent meaning throughout the brand’s ecosystem.

The goal was to communicate union and tradition but highlight the province on its own. There were different campaigns inside the “grand” campaign. There was the summer campaign to promote the coast of Argentina with its stunning beaches, the bicentennial campaign to celebrate the country and the province, the spring campaign to celebrate argentine sports like polo, and many more. I was the head designer and art director for this account. Also please check BA Obra to learn the idea behind the design of the identity and success of the brand.