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The Advertising Department at billboard was getting complaints from clients that claimed that their Ad Product Gallery was difficult to navigate. The user experience was not intuitive and as a consequence, billboard was loosing ad sales. I created an intuitive navigation and interface that was clear and concise and sales went up significantly.

Find Yeet is an app that was created to “Find IT.” Knowing your location it will find all restaurants, stores, places, etc that you have marked in your Google Map. It will even find your friends in a concert venue. This will allow the user to find whatever they need fast. Whether it is friends or a certain product or maybe a specific food that they want to eat or a brand that they follow on Instagram.
This is a work in process. The challenge is building not just an intuitive user experience but also a seamless and agile user interaction. The goal is to create the full experience from the user’s first contact to the last, generating excellent structural design solutions to guide the user along effectively while creating visual touchpoints that allow users to interact with the app making it cohesively with design that is aesthetically pleasing and inviting.

UI coming soon!